Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

Purple Haze

Yellow Orange

Blue Blue my world is Blue

Hues that Heal

Boracay, May 2009.

Photos taken with a Canon Digital IXUS 750

grateful slice: the beach and the glorious sun that never lets us down



  1. Keith Stevenson

    Thanks for these lovely pictures! Gosh – we must remember what a beautiful world this is, and endeavour to keep it so. We must respect Mother Earth or she will not respect us.
    I also enjoyed reading your comments. I’ve bookmarked your blog-page and, if I may, will return now and then when I have time.

    • butterflybound

      It’s sounds human. Very vulnerable, almost heart breaking.

      Oh and thanks. Glad you stopped by.

  2. Lindsay

    Lovely pictures! Wow…almost makes me feel like I’m there instead of sitting in the confines of my depressingly grey cubicle!

  3. Paul

    some very nice pictures. If you would like to learn how to colour pop your photos then please check out my blog. If you already know how to colour pop then please check out my blog anyway as i have only had 4 views.

  4. Inpector Clouseau

    Great shots….I love the beach, and your right, it mends the soul…in my case, it takes the stress away from the Rat Race I have to live Mon to Friday

    • butterflybound

      Hello. You won’t believe this but yes. That was all taken in the same summer afternoon with a point and shoot camera. Amazing, right? The sand in that place is pretty stellar as well. Sand so fine it’s like powdered milk. Thank you for passing by! 🙂

  5. intrepidtraveller

    Great pics. The colours in Boracay are picture perfect, aren’t they? I was there 2 weeks ago and simply could not get enough of all the sunsets! 🙂 I especially love the “purple haze”. My pics came out more reddy orange!

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  7. One Change At A Time

    Awesome post. You are quite creative 🙂 I also like taking pictures. I posted a photo for this week’s photo challenge – Refuge Let me know what you think…..I also posted some other photos on my blog. you’re so good. I think I’ll have to subscribe to your blog! Yay!

  8. Simon


    Great pictures!

    they are all beautiful pictures but i just had to comment on the “My world is blue” its great i love the way the sun looks just like its a cup of fire being poured in to the ocean. just the shape of it is a great capture

    Well done .

  9. Elena

    Very nice photos.I love these photos.I live in Iran.These photos are from Qeshm Island in Iran.
    Qeshm , Harra

    Harra forest in Qeshm:
    Qeshm , Harra
    Qeshm , Harra

  10. odeegulmatico

    Ohh yess Boracay, i knew it on the 2nd photo!!! 😀
    Wonderful beach, you’ll keep coming back in this place. i thought i wouldn’t love it ’cause Boracay’s too crowded for me, but it’s really something… aww man you just made me wanna return to Bora again!!! >_<

  11. Kathy

    Have to say — I loved the colours in the last shot — something utterly romantic in the truest sense of the word about what you caught there. Congrats on being FP’d.

  12. Ana Amaral.

    Gorgeous photos — there’s nothing like a beautiful sunset. And I saw your comment reply about these all being from the same evening — that’s truly amazing!

    I also love your ‘grateful slice’ on each post, I’ll definitely be checking out your blog again. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed 🙂


  13. Ambrose Kennerson

    I’d come to admit with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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