Happy Helium Heart


Freshly Pressed High

Holy Guacamole.

Pinch me, will you, so that I wake up from this quasi-Lewis Carroll/Roald Dahl moment.  Am I in Alice’s Wonderland or Charlie’s Chocolate Factory?  Whichever place, this day has been feeling out of this world and into a pool of pure milk chocolate or a surreal mad hatter’s tea party.


pull the string holding me up like a balloon in the air because am definitely on a freshly pressed high.  It’s been real nice up here but I think I am getting a nose bleed from all the height and joy.

Because from the bottom of the best parts of my big, fat heart, thank you for this, @worpress.com and Ms. Erica Johnson.  For thinking this was worth promoting. For  this special unexpected surprise.  For making blogging accessible, easy and life affirming.  This has given me a lot of reasons to say thank you over and over again.

Thank you too, to everyone who commented, pressed ‘Like’ and subscribed to my “secret” space to possibly share images and celebrate text.  I am humbled by the time you invested to write a note and press send.  I am thrilled to start a conversation with you.  I am grateful beyond infinity right now.   I am amazed at how flat and small our world truly is.

This made me a very happy camper today.  Thank you.

grateful slice:  wordpress.com,  bloggers everywhere,  and finding refuge in the sun and the sea (which saves us all).



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