Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

We don’t have spring where I am from (we have sun half the year and rain during the other half) but we understand its meaning.   It’s timely too…the idea of renewal and resetting.  It’s a great reminder to get a grip, let go and then welcome the new, more loving season.  The winter is over. I’ve let go of my poisonous ninja stars.

bright and beaming

bright and beaming




Photos taken by a Nikon D90, Instagram filters, February 2011, Sagada “Spring”

grateful slice:   Spring’s essence: hope, renewal and forgiveness



  1. joeytandem

    Hopefully when you say you’ve let go of the poisonous ninja stars, you didn’t mean with deadly force and accuracy…

    Hmmmm… spring. I wish I had more of that in my step.

  2. butterflybound

    Oh but you do, my friend. Between the two of us, you are Ferris Bueller and sometimes, I can be Cameron, the broody one.

    As for “letting go” of them ninja stars…am just declaring who I want to be. Choosing to forgive and be better than my angry self. I am hoping the feelings will soon match the decision. That usually takes a little bit more time…ergo, the slow reset button.

    Boo. It’s so hard to be me. LOL.

    • joeytandem

      I knew what you meant. Ha ha. But I guess between Ferris and Cameron, Cameron would wear the barong. LOL.

      It is hard to be the person you are. Especially when you want to be the better you. Be we get there.

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