Lemon Outta Here

Master Cleanse Staple

After being adamantly against it, I’ve been somehow convinced to do the Master Cleanse starting tomorrow. I guess after seeing C do it without a hitch (him and his will power of steel) I figured it is doable. Just as long as I avoid dinners out and well, food. So, @maimailim and I set the date to begin on the 21st, a couple of weeks ago, and well, here we are. Tomorrow is day one. Frankly, she has been better at preparing for this ten day ordeal. I am pretty sure my system will get shocked tomorrow.

Am off to have lunch with C & C (final meal of the week) and then will head to Healthy Options to get the goods: Cayenne Pepper, Lemons, Rich Maple Syrup, Sea Salt, peppermint tea and this other kind of tea called Smooth Move. So, good luck to us. I hope it does everything it promises. I am looking forward to not feeling icky in my processed food infested body very soon. Cheers.

grateful slice: Cleansing and being able to start from zero


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