My favorite photographer: Kuya

My brother is my favorite photographer. You can check out more of his stuff here.  He has been at it for twenty years and he has like twenty cameras, no joke.  He was the first person to show me the ropes too.  From his keynote on aperture, shutter speed and manipulating depth of field to being my first critic, I really value his opinion when it comes to composition and have learned a lot from looking at his photos all these years.  I also think it’s great that his favorite subjects are my sister-in-law (um, who is always stunning, btw) and Sabine, Mateo and Basti.

Sometimes, he takes photos of me too, since am such a ham.  And really, the truth is, once you pick up a camera, you will almost never be in any of the photos again. LOL.  So, it’s always a treat to hang out together with our cameras.  We get gratuitous photos of each other, it’s true.

Here are some of his recent shots (polas) of my favorite little girl in the world.  Depeche Mode is win — “Enjoy the Silence”, the music video images were his pegs for these shots.

Today, I am grateful for my bro, Mon. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

grateful slice: my brother


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