Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Red reminds me of power, intensity, Chinese New Year, love and fury.  It also reminds me of Macbeth, Redrum, ovulation, 80’s  matte lipstick, candy canes,  strawberries, cherry stems and lifesavers.  I know, right.  Random.

Erm, just like this Red inspired set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

most photos taken by my NIKON D90, erm, from different places and different times.  Didn’t realize how many “red” pictures I had.  🙂

grateful slice:  Red and all its intensity and work breaks.



  1. Bob O. Riley

    I really like the pictures! Part of it is making me really hungry! I really like “Bzzzt” (is it from Bookabunga?), “Molave” (I like the balloons at the back) and “Phone Booth”. 🙂

    • Ms. P

      Aaaw. Thanks, Bob! 🙂 Bzzzt was from the 10th year anniv shindig at Polo Club, same thing with the Molave flag. Photo Booth was taken in Baguio while everyone was eating lunch. How are the allergies?

  2. joeytandem

    Hehehehehe. Correct me if I’m wrong, but me thinks I was present when most of those pictures were taken. I still wish we had time to reshoot those back rests with both the seats down. They still turned out well though.

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