Planes, Trains and Automobiles

There’s nothing like being aimless in a huge airport.  I got here four hours ago and seriously, I just happily walked around, puttered about, took random pictures of airport things before I decided to sit down and write.

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I always liked the Bangkok airport.  It’s huge, there’s lot to see, eat and buy.   Right now though, I’m sitting in Whittard of Chelsea (of all places; yes, I resisted Tom Yum Soup) killing time before my flight to Mumbai.  I need to manage the ADHD and keep this short though, lest I miss my flight all together.  That wouldn’t be cool.   I guess I just want to be vigilant about documenting every step of this trip.  It’s my way of being totally present, paying attention in gratitude mode. Case in point.  On my way here, I met the nicest man on the planet.  He was a businessman from China, who lives in Bangkok, who visited Manila for the very first time for business.  I usually meet a lot of random people during these flights who chat me up but this guy has got to be one of the friendliest people I’ve come across.   He told me the only Filipino sentence he knew (Ikaw ay maganda. Choz.) and acted like we had known each other for years.  He was a complete gentleman too, who felt deep concern for the many heavy bags I was carrying.  LOLz.  (Yeah, experienced world traveller, my ass. Pack rat eez eet.)   I think he wanted to hang out during my layover too but after the three hour flight,  I started to feel a little uncomfortable with him being in my personal space so much (airplane seats are tight)  so I begged off and became cryptic when he asked me what I was going to be doing for the next five hours.  I didn’t mean to be rude and I wasn’t.  I really just felt like aimlessly walking around the airport by myself and like I said putter about with no pressure. It was nothing personal.  Anyway, right by the fourth walkalator thing and sixth painting, a stone’s throw away from immigration which was where he needed to go, I stopped and  said I needed to pass by the loo.  That’s when he reached for my hand and hello, kissed it like Sir Galaad (and no, not Mrs. Whitaker…that would make me a lola), amidst a sea of people.  Ppshhhaw.  I was like, erm, okay.  Then he proceeded to say something about perhaps getting together next time he was Manila. I said a quick, sure thing, thanks and goodbye (very Mabuhey! of me, I know) and walked away.  I waved to Mr. Cheun and that was that.  Anyway,  you know what happened next, right.  My puttering about aimlessly.  Right.  Have to go.  20:05 Flight 9W67 bound for Mumbai is calling.

grateful slice:  Traveling and really nice people



  1. joeytandem

    Huwaaaat!!! And all this time I thought Desire was just a costume idea for the mixer! Etlevs, ‘pre! Lulz! Okay, I officially can’t wait for the next travel logs.

  2. Bob O. Riley

    1st: I think the best airport is the one in Singapore or Hong Kong, I can live in those airports and I would be happy.
    2nd: erm… interesting story miss… :)) i can imagine the whole thing, him being kinda… well, creepy, and your face in reaction to his spontaneous show of affection. again, erm….

  3. Ms. P

    @joeytandem I have a feeling it was the Filipina smile. CHOZzzzzzz.

    @Bob O. Riley I am smitten by Airports, in general (except the armpit version called NAIA) but I do love the Singapore airport and HK too. As for creepy…it was a tad. He was really nice though, just touched the tattoos on my arms way too often, sooooo it freaked me out a little. LOLz.

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