Whirlwind Week and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Morning Snaps from various places.

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All photos taken by a Nikon D90. Here, there, everywhere.


P.S.  It’s been a whirlwind week since I got back from Mumbai.  So far, I’ve spent time with family (made up for missing my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary renewal of vows thing), planned succeeding summer break trips (Boracay next week and HongKong end of July), seen a ton of movies (Super8, Green Lantern, Hangover 2, Kung Fu Panda 2 and  X-Men First Class, and Unknown — yes, I am a film nut too), edited and finished a short video for work, had several work meetings (planning an induction workshop) and spent time  or shared a meal with friends, colleagues and former students.  Which explains why I have not gotten to writing my three part post on India.  So, I am sorry about that, but it’s coming soon for sure. 🙂

Thanks for passing by and again, to everyone who took the time to drop me a line on my FP post, a bazillion times over, thank you.  🙂 Really really  really appreciate it.

grateful slice:  mornings and being back on the grid


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