India 2.0 Pray – A Photo Gallery (2/3)

“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator.” Mahatma Gandhi (internationally esteemed for his doctrine on non-violent protest, 1869 – 1948)

Worship is a loaded word and prayer, an extremely personal thing.

I guess you can say I grew up with a specific version of both. I also learned to reject a lot of this version as a young misguided adult and jaded academic/scholar.  At some point though, I started to search and once again yearn for that connection I had severed so callously as a twenty something. Someone was definitely listening, I guess, because to make a long spiritual story short, I re-met God just a few years back with a brand new heart and with a whole new set of eyes. Frankly, my life as a thirty something has not been the same since.

Anyway, my experience  is  really all I know up close and there’s no way I am an expert on either.  I mean, I do not know enough to comfortably write about religious diversity at length lest I let my ignorance about the many different ways to worship God fall through the cracks of my sentences.   That’s the last thing I want to happen.  What I did try to do while I was in Ahmedabad and Mumbai was capture what I saw behind the lens.  The varied and colorful offerings, the different places of worship, the diverse rituals and plethora of belief systems.  I also tried to snap the sincerity, the earnestness, the compassion and the intimacy between man and his/her G/god/s.    From Ganesh, the Hare Krishna, to Buddha, MumbaDevi, to the Jains, to the Haji Ali Shrine and the Christian service that S and I attended the only Sunday I was there, spirituality was definitely part of this maximum trip because it was everywhere I looked.  I hope the gallery is an apt glimpse.  Om. Amen.Namaste.

grateful slice: the freedom to know G, in the most intimate way real to us


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