Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned





Mirror Mirror GSP

Good Luck

Ultra Light

Old Architecture

Three is a crowd

Antique Knick knacks

The Other

Old Fashioned TV

Like Some Old fashioned Miracle

Like Some Old fashioned Miracle
When Summertime is done—
Seems Summer’s Recollection
And the Affairs of June

As infinite Tradition
As Cinderella’s Bays—
Or Little John—of Lincoln Green—
Or Blue Beard’s Galleries—

Her Bees have a fictitious Hum—
Her Blossoms, like a Dream—
Elate us—till we almost weep—
So plausible—they seem—

Her Memories like Strains—Review—
When Orchestra is dumb—
The Violin in Baize replaced—
And Ear—and Heaven—numb—

by Emily Dickinson

All Photos taken with a Nikon D90 (various places – South Mumbai, India and Antonio’s, Tagaytay)

grateful slice: old fashioned doesn’t mean out of style



  1. Ms. P

    Salams, bro. Waaaah. Trabaho na muli. Kaloka. Huhuhu. Hey, I have an appointment with the acupuncture people tomorrow. Will see how that goes. Win. Are you sad last day niyo na sa Thursday?

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