Pinky Promise

Before this, there's one more thing left to do ...

Yes, it’s true, there’s a lot to think about and decide on very soon but first thing is first. I remember there was this one terrible end of a bad day where a really good friend of mine and I were talking about the tragic state of affairs.  At the end of our conversation, we made a pinky promise to always remember why we are where we are, why we love the things we do, why we are so committed, and that we would choose happiness and health over anything else.  We said that it would not be enough to just not be unhappy; we said we would choose joy instead of negativity every single time.  Because that we have control over. And placing ourselves as part of the solution instead of anything else, is well part of what solves, contributes and collaborates, instead of what is divisive, destructive and dysfunctional.  So, today I wanted to reiterate that promise I made months ago. To choose positivity and happiness every time.  To be clear about why I am here, exactly where I need to be.  To be grateful, to be humble, to always seek/pursue the healthy perspective and to be a blessing instead of a burden.  I will also do my best to live by and hopefully emulate the very attributes we hope our kids will imbibe as they traverse through our classrooms.  And to be a friend and colleague/partner people can trust, turn to and count on.  I am claiming it right now — the awesomeness of the coming school year and the success of our MYP evaluation visit.  Final answer. Pentel Pen. Period. No erase. 

The IB Learner Profile

Hear, See, Speak No Evil

Taking the red pill

Is it worth it?

Seek and you shall find...

Ah, we meet again.

Sooooo, hello school year 2011-2012. I know it’s still too early to greet you since you aren’t officially here yet but welcome. A part of me is really glad you are coming soon. Another part, still catching up with this thought (summer hangover). Nevertheless, I just wanted to say, please be kind. 🙂 Am looking forward to a year of learning and teaching and facing 21st century education issues and challenges (nature of the beast) and I promise to do my utmost best.  Remind me to focus on what matters most always and also to take time to rest, recharge and recover so that I can stay balanced and always be at my best for G, the kids and well, anyone else who needs me. Thanks in advance.  See you soon.

New beginning

grateful slice:  fresh start, a new school year and pinky promises I intend to keep


  1. Sacha Calagopi

    haha! i guess we’re really experiencing the end-of-our-summer-blues 😀 i know i have to go out but i just want to watch “The Office” the whole day! but yup, after the acknowledgement, it’s time to get our gears moving. thanks for this post. again a reminder to appreciate whatever season comes our way, rather than fighting it. (Ecclesiastes 3) Love love.

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