Dying to self & the mentors we love

Again, a great TED talk I stumbled upon while preparing for my workshop. Which I am in the middle of. Which explains the silence. Day one and two down. One more day to go. So far, I think things have been going fairly well. The participants are awesome and am really glad for the opportunity to do this workshop two years in a row. Learned a lot from last year. Wiser me and having a workshop leader partner on the same page has made for a better workshop all together.

Anyway, I hope to carve more time to write soon because there’s really much to write about.

Right now, I just needed to quickly stop and say that I am feeling very grateful and happy. Extremely exhausted but really happy. Because, well, things are as they should be.

Also because I am working very closely with one of the best/smartest teachers/people/workshop leaders I know. The original mother goose, MM. I will miss this woman to bits. Really. (A future post on her coming soon.) Even if she was never officially my teacher in a classroom, she is my El Kapitan.

Mudakiz and Junakiz in Adelaide. January 2010 MYP Regional Workshop

Thanks, G. For this awesome opportunity.

grateful slice: the demise of the dysfunctional self and mentors who believe in us (even when we didn’t know how to believe in ourselves).


  1. Kapitan Tandem

    Crayola ever ang drama ng dingga na itetch! Pero trulalu at waz echos ang ispluk-ispluk mo ditey. Zsa Zsa Padilla, bukas na lang doonchi sa kapolohan na klabing magkikita ang mga bading!

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