Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

It’s raining in Manila and my mind is definitely somewhere else sunnier and not gray at all.  I miss you, free time and not-really-summer-vacation. Can’t wait to see you again.

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Photos taken with a Nikon D90 – South Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Makati City and Boracay.

grateful slice: color in our lives


  1. Etlevs S. R. Wolf

    You know, I’ve never actually come to appreciate photography as an art because I always thought of it as capturing the art that is already in plain sight.

    However, being the person that I am, I’ve now come to appreciate photography for another reason. Photographers everywhere look to capture the bits and pieces of the art around us that most people don’t notice. Taking everything in from the perspective of a viewfinder, or a digital screen, its like a way of focusing on things that we normally wouldn’t be able to focus on, because most of us normally see the world as something big. Being someone who notices so much, its nice to see people capturing these things, rather than just leaving them in their head to be inevitably forgotten.

    hmm, awesome.

    • Ms. P

      Aaaww. Thanks, Etlevs. Appreciate that comment. It is the world seen from my eyes, behind the lens. It’s a pretty interesting place to see things from. It’s been pretty awesome developing my voice there too, behind the lens. Much like writing, it’s a voice that needs to be nurtured. Thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂 How are you?

      • Etlevs S. R. Wolf

        I could be better tbh. But I guess we’ll have to save that for when you’re not busy, and have time to kill on FB chat! I’ve been thinking of something to write about, but I’ve been mentally blocked by the elves again. Eek. Anyways, good luck with the school year Utopia Gun!

  2. Ms. P

    Thanks, Etlevs. I am claiming that this school year will be epic too. 🙂

    Also, just know that am just a chat/tweet/wall post/blog comment/sms away. Do not hesitate. I am a busy bee but I will always make time for the potluck collective. Would be great to hear/see what those story? ideas are. Commit them to paper though, even if they are just mind maps or scribbles, lest that they disappear into the abyss.

    YOU have a great first year post middle school too. 🙂 If you decide it will be great, that’s more than half the battle/race/insert whatever other analogy/cliche/metaphor you can think of. Take care and cool runnings!

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