About Face: X Marks the Spot

happy feet.  we meet again.

happy feet. we meet again.

I am a writer, reader, teacher who believes that everything happens for a reason — no matter how wonderful, painful or traumatic. Even while I am kicking and screaming or scratching my head at the “Why?” of it all, deep down I know things are as they should be and it’s just a matter of time before it all makes sense or not matter anymore.

Um, what else?
I like taking pictures, observing and listening to people and visiting different places. I hate feeling pressure but work best under it. I have a weird relationship with time and food, and I exercise regularly to keep them “personal demons” at bay. I think butterflies are neat. They never fail to remind me that we do not stay germy, wretched worms, hidden in  gooey, nondescript darkness; that we always eventually become what we are meant to be — unique, beautiful, airborne, and best in the light.  We just have to want and choose it.

Accessories are my guilty pleasure, especially rings and recently, scarves and hats for some reason. I have a Siamese cat named Marsellus Wallace (read: who thinks he is human and who has his own page here) and I own a lot of purple things. I am not afraid to cry in public or sneeze like a man and would drop everything to go to the beach, read a compelling book or movie, or have an engaging conversation. Oh, I also believe in God and think he is pretty cool and that stories and storytellers are damn powerful.

The rest I am still figuring out.

This is primarily a gratitude blog. It is about being able to think aloud, underscore what is beautiful instead of what’s not, share feelings without shame, uphold what is true for me and and to say thank you and I love you, more often than I am sorry.

I don’t believe in accidents and you are here for a reason.  So glad you could make it. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. je vicente

    you inspire me pau…in your silence and with your words! thanks for letting me know a little more everyday!!! you are blessed!

  2. butterflybound

    thanks for passing by, Je! 🙂 and speaking of inspiration, you are a yogi to behold. LOL. But seriously. thanks for introducing me to the importance of the breath, how humbling it is to pay attention to it and for teaching me that what builds and destroys you on the mat, translates to what makes you strong and afraid in life. Thank you and welcome to my private (what an oxymoron) space. 🙂

  3. Mia

    Pau!! Stumbled upon your blog via tara’s:). Been awhile!! Am not in sing na:(. But loving BKK life since I got here. Hope we can still hook up thru our blogs and FB!!
    Love your photos and your blog. Mine is too commercial na! Hahaha decided to join the bandwagon. Enjoy!!
    Catwife (aka mia).

  4. butterflybound

    Hi Mia!!! Thanks so much. Glad you passed by and like the mga chuchubel of this blog. Am kilig and humbled. We can definitely play tag via the blogs or twitter. But am FB-less. A fast that lasted for a year and now has led to total account annihilation. LOL. Glad you are loving BKK. Yes, Tara mentioned that you were uprooted. Maybe when I move I will consider the schools over there. I super love BKK too. Hey, take care…and again, thanks for reading. 🙂

  5. blackshepherd

    Can kittens be truly silly or is that just something we project onto them…what are kittens really up to? Do you wonder about things like this?

    • butterflybound

      LOL. Kittens are mysterious things aren’t they.

      What really gets my goat is how my cat can stay accidentally stuck in my dark closet an entire day and not complain; he’ll just stroll out of there once I slide the door open and realize, “Oh there you are.”

      BUT poop and puke all over my apartment (when he is not stuck in the closet) when am an hour late from coming home the usual time.

      He is a naughty one, that cat of mine. Go figure.

  6. Seuhle

    So glad I made it here too 🙂

    “Even while I am kicking and screaming or scratching my head at the “Why?” of it all, deep down I know things are as they should be and it’s just a matter of time before it all makes sense or not matter anymore.”

    That is ultimately the best sentence on this page.

  7. Inside the Mind of Isadora

    I came upon your blog from your beautiful photographs. I loved reading this very uplifting and positive message on how you approach life. I, especially, enjoyed your description of you and your cat, Marsellus Wallace. ~~ : -)

  8. Kristen Hopf

    I’ve recently starting using WordPress, and I’m trying to become a better writer and photographer. I have to say, your blog is both entertaining and inspiring to me, and I’m definitely going to pop back occasionally to check it out! Your India photos are just amazing! Thanks for brightening my day a little with this find 🙂

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