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missing my sis

I miss my sis to death.

And to cope, I took on the daunting task of producing the Beacon Yearbook this school year.
A part of me knows I am shooting myself in the foot by accepting the load but another part of me wants to face this challenge and is actually excited. Maybe I will surprise myself and prove that I can actually be organized and be deadline sensitive. I don’t think they would give it to me if they didn’t think I could do it and do it well.
This is connected to my sis because she has inspired me to take on something scary, out of my comfort zone (everything the production of a yearbook is) and will require all my organizational skills, an area I really need work on.
I am actually glad for the opportunity to learn and push myself. (read: refer to this entry when distraught and stir crazy from deadlines and printing issues. Remember this chose you as you chose it.)

Now…where to begin.

grateful slice: seeing the glass half full.