Mr. Marsellus Wallace

Mr. Marsellus Wallace

Mr. Marsellus Wallace

Hi. I am the cat. And I get my own page.  This is my face close up.  I like to sit on whatever Paula is working on and biting her leg very early in the morning when I am hungry and she is still asleep.  More about me later…


    • butterflybound

      He is a looker, I must admit. A bit bossy and clingy but … it is his design. LOL. Gotta love ’em – the tragic flaws. hahaha.

  1. blastedgoat

    I have a Siamese as well and your Mr. Marsellus Wallace looks a lot like my Mr. Trouble’s brother, Jean Claw Vam-pirate! 😀 My friends did a great job naming, as you did, I almost died laughing… Sorry to rant about cats lol, I do love your blog by the way!

  2. dogear6

    I had three Siamese at once – what a trip that was. Someone was always making noise. None of them were soft either – it was either loud or louder yet. All three ar gone now and with the dogs, I have no plans to get another cat for a while. I have several pictures of them posted on my blog.


  3. Ms.Mac

    I have a rescued chihuahua and I have been compelled to write about him and share it with the world…pet owners can be weird like that.

    • Ms.Mac

      And further more I just wanted to add that I also being a pet owner I chose to comment first on a wee post about your kitty and not one of your interesting deeper post about thinking and such..

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