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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

How to enjoy a sunset...

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I Send Two Sunsets

by Emily Dickinson

I send Two Sunsets —

Day and I — in competition ran —
I finished Two — and several Stars —
While He — was making One —
His own was ampler — but as I
Was saying to a friend —
Mine — is the more convenient
To Carry in the Hand —

Photos taken by a Nikon D90 (Boracay 2011) and a Canon Ixus (Boracay 2009).

grateful slice:  enjoying sunsets

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing and P.S. Wish you were here (a deleted addendum)

Nothing more refreshing than a vacation after a vacation, approximately three weeks before school/work begins again.

Last week, my procrastination took me and a good friend, Tara,  to one of my favorite familiar places in the Philippines, Boracay Island.  It’s an abused, over-commercialized, exploited slice of heaven on earth.  The sand is like powdered milk, the fresh fruit shakes to die for, happy hour to live for and even if we were in the middle of Typhoon Falcon, just being near the ocean was a special treat for this workaholic.  Here are some snaps from that week-long trip.  Thanks for passing by. Hope these shots refresh somehow. Wish you were there.

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Ode to the sea by Pablo Neruda

Here surrounding the island,
There΄s sea.
But what sea?
It΄s always overflowing.
Says yes,
Then no,
Then no again,
And no,
Says yes
In blue
In sea spray
Says no
And no again.
It can΄t be still.
It stammers
My name is sea.

It slaps the rocks
And when they aren΄t convinced,
Strokes them
And soaks them
And smothers them with kisses.

With seven green tongues
Of seven green dogs
Or seven green tigers
Or seven green seas,
Beating its chest,
Stammering its name,

Oh Sea,
This is your name.
Oh comrade ocean,
Don΄t waste time
Or water
Getting so upset
Help us instead.
We are meager fishermen,
Men from the shore
Who are hungry and cold
And you΄re our foe.
Don΄t beat so hard,
Don΄t shout so loud,
Open your green coffers,
Place gifts of silver in our hands.
Give us this day our daily fish.

grateful slice:  post scripts about the beach and feeling refreshed by the sea