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Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast (catch up)

Two weeks ago, I got to eat this wonderful meal here, with my good friend, C.  In a line, the future is so bright, I have to wear shades.

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Let's eat to that

Thanks, G. For all the opportunities. Good friends who welcome us into their homes (with hardly a notice).

C's breakfast view

And this, a view of a booming city and many more breakfasts of champions.

grateful slice:  good friends and the future

i heart NYC

Breakfast ala Maqui

Breakfast ala Maqui

I miss many things about being in New York City.  Here are two — breakfast at my sister’s, with my sister.  And my daily frozen yoghurt fix  with rice cakes (Mochi bits).

Yes, this cheese platter with smoked salmon, cherries, lemon and pear slices with bagels and cream cheese and/or hummus, is what breakfast is like in my sister’s Harlem abode.  Heaven!

Dailiy Fix:  Addicted to Mochi and tart-e

Daily Fix: Addicted to Mochi and the tarty taste

Then, there’s nothing like capping a long day either from being on your feet in a museum for seven hours or walking around central park, with a serving of this.  Mochi, Granola, Strawberries and regular frozen yoghurt.  It’s truly the best late afternoon treat.

grateful slice:  memories and strong after taste.