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Day Two: This is what it feels like

Your eyes can’t focus but when you try hard enough, you can still blog or mark students’ papers for some reason.

Your stomach is at the mercy of your choice and it is freaking pissed off.

Tears come very easily and so does the cold.  Bring a jacket to the meeting tonight.

Your jaw hurts as you clench your teeth and swirl your saliva around your mouth every other second.  You brush your teeth four times more often in a day.

You drink water all day but your throat is parched and your gums dry.

Your bladder is wondering WTH and your ADHD is having a heyday.  Can’t.Seem.To.Concentrate.  Took you awhile to write this entry.


your heart is glad, that you are doing this.   It is not sure why right now exactly, but it remains glad.   He said be aggressive about the fast this year…so your heart blindly obeyed.    And what will be revealed, will be revealed.   You can hardly wait.

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