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Weekly Photo Challenge: Through (and some Mary Oliver)

I miss writing.  So I promise to do it soon.  And more frequently.  Photography, it seems, has seized all of my attention the past few months and I can’t seem to unlock my gaze at the world; this life I constantly crave to document one snap at a time because it’s the fastest way to express my love and gratitude.  Love for a life peppered with extraordinary moments. Gratitude for each and every breath and step I take.   I am extremely blessed and photography has allowed me to say thank you often and quickly.

But I know I can do both. Write and shoot and continue to tell my truth bit by bit.   So, that’s the plan.  🙂

In the meantime, here are some recent snaps of my looking/passing/peering/gazing through something.  Tell me what you see…thanks for passing by.

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by Mary Oliver


Understand, I am always trying to figure out 
what the soul is,
and where hidden,
and what shape –

and so, last week,
when I found on the beach 
the ear bone
 of a pilot whale that may have died

hundreds of years ago, I thought 
maybe I was close 
to discovering something –
for the ear bone


is the portion that lasts longest 
in any of us, man or whale; shaped
 like a squat spoon
 with a pink scoop where

once, in the lively swimmer’s head,
it joined its two sisters 
in the house of hearing,
it was only

two inches long –
and thought: the soul
 might be like this –
so hard, so necessary


yet almost nothing.
 Beside me
 the gray sea
 was opening and shutting its wave-doors,

unfolding over and over 
its time-ridiculing roar;
I looked but I couldn’t see anything 
through its dark-knit glare;

yet don’t we all know, the golden sand 
is there at the bottom,
though our eyes have never seen it,
nor can our hands ever catch it


lest we would sift it down 
into fractions, and facts –
certainties –
and what the soul is, also

I believe I will never quite know.
Though I play at the edges of knowing,
truly I know 
our part is not knowing,

but looking, and touching, and loving,
which is the way I walked on,
through the pale-pink morning light.

(from Why I Wake Early, 2004)

 Photos taken by my Nikon D90 or my iPhone4.  Snaps taken in Tagaytay and Batangas.

grateful slice:  appreciating the obvious and seeing what’s  beyond

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Here’s to launching 2012 with a bang.   Some NYE fireworks snaps (Not our own. Hahaha. We just squatted in the village park).  Thanks for the tips, bro.

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Shots taken with a Nikon D90.

grateful slice:  starting the year with a whole lot of  love and hope

Back to School Album

I am super in love with this album right now.  Thanks for getting it for me, L!

And this song is currently on repeat.

Anyway, here’s to going back to school after a long break.

I have reflected. I am rested. I have recovered.


grateful slice:  joy

How I Learned to Love 2011

What’s not to love about 2011?

Well, a lot apparently. From all the natural calamities, world tragedies, economic upheaval, sudden inexplicable deaths, and everyone’s personal ups and downs, sometimes I wonder how people still get up in the morning.  In the end, clenched fist in the air, it was easy to bid such a challenging year goodbye.  Having said that though, even with all of 2011’s warts and boils, it was still a year of unforgettable extremes and profound lessons.  Some of the best years of our lives are built with pillars of deep suffering and joy beyond all understanding.  And this is what this year has been about for me. Extremes. Maximum everything. No holds barred emotional roller coaster ride with the sharp turns, gut wrenching dips, ear piercing shrieks and white knuckles. Admittedly, there are some things I wish didn’t happen this year – people getting hurt unnecessarily, for example – but I believe that everything happens for a reason. So with that, I celebrate it  ALL today (narrowed down to 10 life-giving things). The good, the bad and the ugly. I figure once everything is put into perspective, it all turns to good.  So, thank you, 2011, for these 10 things and what I took away from them.  No matter how bizarre you were, it started and ended with a grateful heart.  Here goes…

I was able to travel quite a bit this year, so I am stoked about that: Here are some links to entries connected to my 2011 adventures.  SagadaIndia (Tamil Nadu)India (Mumbai and Ahmedabad)Boracay (with tFTs), Adelaide, Hong Kong (with family) and most recently, Singapore.


So happy I was freshly pressed twice last year! 🙂

Finally, with that, goodbye, 2011. I am grateful for you but I bid you farewell as you clumsily ride off into the sunset.  Now hello there, 2012. So glad you could make it. Stay awhile and be nice.

How about you? How much did you love 2011?

grateful slice:  learning from a complicated year