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Dumaguete, Dec 2010

Went on a serendipitous trip to Dumaguete, Negros Oriental last December, 2010. Dumaguete is a university town south of Cebu, also known for its friendly people, Siliman University, marine biology courses, sans rival, great food, dive sites and beach resorts.  The first time I visited years ago was for a rock climbing nationals competition where I feel I climbed one of my best climbs ever in my short stint at competing nationally.  It was a quick trip with the climbers and we just stayed in the city with the locals; but man, for some reason Dumaguete left its mark on my wanderlust heart.  I knew I would go back there.  And that we did.

The original plan was to just go with my would-be-Amazing Race Asia partner, @maimailim.  But once again, serendipitously, our favorite couple, the Mos, ended up coming along; which turned out great because Mai and I had no idea where we would  go and stay.  All in all, traveling was laid back and easy.   We stayed at Kookoo’s Nest, a best kept secret an hour away from the city.  We went diving and snorkeling, met some really interesting people, ate and drank when we felt like it, played a ton of Scrabble, ran one morning, kayaked, and laughed a whole lot.  I wish I was able to take a picture of the star studded night sky by the jetty.  That was win.

In the end, it was more than a pleasant surprise.  From such a  beautiful place, to being around such amazing, laid back people for four days, it was a pretty unforgettable vacation for the books.   Thank you, G.  It was truly an awesome way to end the year.

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