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Sarah Kay Does It Again

I stumbled upon Sarah Kay, her poetry and her TED talk about the same time last year and have since shared her work with whomever I can.  She leaves the hungry young poets in my Grade 7 class speechless, and me, well, she has me inspired to always write about only what is true, with a small letter t, to me.   Here’s her newest TED talk.  Nice way to end an awesome weekend.

grateful slice: Sarah Kay and her poetry

Dying to self & the mentors we love

Again, a great TED talk I stumbled upon while preparing for my workshop. Which I am in the middle of. Which explains the silence. Day one and two down. One more day to go. So far, I think things have been going fairly well. The participants are awesome and am really glad for the opportunity to do this workshop two years in a row. Learned a lot from last year. Wiser me and having a workshop leader partner on the same page has made for a better workshop all together.

Anyway, I hope to carve more time to write soon because there’s really much to write about.

Right now, I just needed to quickly stop and say that I am feeling very grateful and happy. Extremely exhausted but really happy. Because, well, things are as they should be.

Also because I am working very closely with one of the best/smartest teachers/people/workshop leaders I know. The original mother goose, MM. I will miss this woman to bits. Really. (A future post on her coming soon.) Even if she was never officially my teacher in a classroom, she is my El Kapitan.

Mudakiz and Junakiz in Adelaide. January 2010 MYP Regional Workshop

Thanks, G. For this awesome opportunity.

grateful slice: the demise of the dysfunctional self and mentors who believe in us (even when we didn’t know how to believe in ourselves).